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Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC)

U.S. Attorney's Office
Charleston, WV
Phone: (304) 345-2200
Toll-Free: (800) 659-8726

In September of 2001 a devastating blow was dealt to the American people that will forever change our personal lives, our nation, and the world. These attacks have served to make us realize that we are truly involved in a war which is a threat to the freedom and fundamental beliefs of our society.

Soon after the September 11, 2001 events the United States Attorney General directed that the fight against terrorism be the first priority of every federal prosecutorial district in the nation. Each U.S. Attorney was directed to establish an Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC). The ATACs are responsible for serving as a pivot points for information sharing and supporting all levels of law enforcement in their efforts to protect the homeland against terrorism.

The Southern District of West Virginia (SDWV) Anti Terrorism Advisory Council functions daily through the leadership of the SDWV U.S. Attorney, an Assistant U.S. Attorney ATAC Coordinator, and an Intelligence Research Analyst. Members of the SDWV ATAC include all levels of law enforcement agencies. The ATAC also consists of non law enforcement members that have responsibilities or interests in homeland security.

Together, through constant communication, cooperation, and training, the ATAC members strive to identify suspicious terrorist activity and share information in order to PREVENT and DISRUPT acts of terrorism.

The SDWV ATAC in cooperation with WV State Police, sheriffs' departments, city police departments, the WV National Guard, WV campus police departments, WV corrections agencies, federal law enforcement agencies, emergency service agencies, and non-law enforcement ATAC members share information via the WV Information Fusion Center and the United States Attorney's Office. Information is routinely shared in the form of weekly intelligence reports and spot intelligence reports.

The SDWV ATAC also provides assistance in many areas including:

  • LETC certified Anti Terrorism Training for Law Enforcement and non law enforcement agencies
  • Information Sharing Techniques
  • Establishment of local, regional Homeland Security Committees
  • Resource Development
  • Contact Assistance
  • Threat Vulnerability Assessments
  • Prosecutorial Assistance regarding terrorism matters

Report Incidents To:

WV Watch (West Virginia State Police)
(866) 989–2824

FBI Charleston
(304) 346–3232

FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Headquarters – Fairmont, WV
(304) 625–9768

WV Intelligence Fusion Center:
(304) 558–2600

Intelligence Analysts:
Sergeant First Class, Tim Young:
Sergeant First Class, Jim Summers:

Updated January 7, 2015

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