OIP Guidance

Open Format Requirements for Agency Annual FOIA Reports

For the Fiscal Year 2011 Annual FOIA Reports, OIP will once again be providing agencies with an Excel tool to be used in creating their report.  This tool, which is very similar to the one that OIP distributed last year, has many features to assist agencies in compiling their data, including built-in math checks.  The tool will also generate the Annual FOIA Report in an open format, which is required by the Open Government Directive and is used to upload data onto FOIA.Gov.  OIP anticipates sending agencies a link which will allow agencies to download the updated tool prior to the refresher training on Annual FOIA Reports that will be held this Fall.  Agencies should also publish their 2011 Annual FOIA Report in the PDF or similar human-readable format traditionally used for publishing Annual FOIA Reports.

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Updated August 15, 2014